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Asymbo over the years

Our story began with four people and one ambitious idea. Currently we are serving 100+ online shops and going global.


The idea

The seed of app development was planted in our minds when we realized how inaccessible e-commerce apps were to most online shops. We looked forward to our pub sessions where we discussed and aspired to our dreams.


Working hard

App development was no longer a dream. Our ambition was to change the way people shopped, by making e-commerce apps more reachable for every online shop vendor. We began developing our platform.


First app!

The year we popped open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the release of our first app! A year and half of hard work and perseverance had paid off. We were finally ready to move forward.


50 apps in 6 months

Moving forward at full pace we hired a sales and marketing team to join our developers and designers and we took it to the next level. The result was 50 e-commerce apps in a span of 6 months.

Receiving recognition

This year was full of extraordinary events in the life of our young company. We started sharing our knowledge and insight at local conferences and the media started taking an interest in us.

Going global

Later that year, as a result of the positive reviews of our apps and tech, we were able to secure funding from a venture capitalist who took a keen interest in our company. This helped us to speed up our development and prepare us to become a truly global player.


Moving forward

We have been working harder than ever before and we’re putting ourselves out there. We’re looking forward to facing new challenges.

Our story continues…

and we welcome you to be a part of it.

I didn’t have to worry about the complicated development analysis process, wireframes or testing. I must say cooperating with Asymbo saved me a lot of time. They took it all on themselves and the result was amazing.
Adam KurzokGamisport
Although my colleagues were initially very skeptical about apps, the reaction of our customers and a 7 % net increase in turnover over 6 months convinced them to change their opinion. App really brought us additional revenue.
Kamil BrabecSanasport

Meet the Asymbo leaders

We not only lead the team. We work alongside them providing 100% attention for your e-commerce app.

Karel Lycka


A strategist and a philosopher but he comes across as the most chilled out guy you’ll ever meet. Despite being a visionary and idealistic he keeps a grip on reality.

Jan Zatecky


Although reserved, he’s very observant and an absolute tech prodigy. He is notable for his beard which he decided to grow when he was 12. Every time he smiles, it fills your heart with joy.

Petr Jancarik


Equipped with the most powerful processor here is a man with limitless energy and enthusiasm, he never lets you slow down. His attitude is – It’s gonna be tough! It’s gonna be a struggle! But we’re gonna win!

Martin Kocica


He is a real inspiration to our team, he’s the person you can count on when you need a push. He’s major driving force behind the success of the company.

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